The Hangzhou Trays

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On his work with enamel products, Jean-Philippe Bonzon created a new version of these typical enamel products. A while ago, in Chinese habitation, enamel was quite present in everyday life with cups and tableware products. This is a new way to see and propose a contemporary version of these house products. He combine different essence of wood to create different trays with different shape and height. You can always purchase the wooden base version. Every tray is different, hand made and in a small quantity.

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Different sizes and height: diam 320mm x 140mm; diam 320mm x 110mm; diam 400mm x 80mm.
Material: Enamel, Full Wood

Limited edition, handmade
Year of production 2016

     Enamel Hangzhou Tray jpbd prod 
     Enamel Hangzhou Tray jpbd prod