Interior Design for Yacht on Shanghai River

Shanghai, 2014

As China's coastal important economic city of Shanghai, Huangpu River has been a Shanghai landmark river, on both sides of a blend of the best of its urban landscape of Shanghai. Therefore, in order to meet official Perth people living in the heart of a busy city, the "ideal yacht" design emerged 20 meter power catamaran party boat! Designed by JPBD and Uniform Studio for the Huangpu River customize its appearance and smooth atmosphere, spacious interior luxury! Combining entertainment parties, business meetings, tours and other multifunction events.

The interior space as the main area of the boat, is the core of the ship. It's spacious, bright and able to respond to all kinds of social situations. Here we will show the major functional areas: the bar, can provide drinks and prepare meals; there are wardrobe and bathroom; the front is the entertainment room with comfortable sofas on both sides, in the center, some soft stool; in front of it, a 80 inch flat TV screen, with a dolby surround system by Boss. In this main area, it's possible to provide 20 seats, plus the bar area, there are nearly 60 square meters in a open space. You can also setup a 12 person round table. Second floor experience is different from the open-air salon brings relatively intimate indoor environment, there will be more opportunities for close observation and the natural environment. Here we designed a ring salon, with integrated jacuzzi and sunbeds as the center, surrounded by a circle around the sofa, so that you can have the entire space to facilitate communication between full and passengers will not feel crowded. In front of the port side of the bridge, while the starboard side with open-air bar, offers drinks and barbecues, adding a sub relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the outdoor salon.

Technical parameters

Length: 20.75 m; Captain: 20.41 m; waterline length: 19.56 m; total width: 8.00 m; Draught: 1.15 m; Cruising speed: 8; maximum speed: 12; Fuel tank: 1200 l; fresh water tank: 400 liters; black water tank: 200 l; Full load displacement: 48.2 t