“Assembly” is a project inspired by mixing culture, objects, and shapes. This project starts in Switzerland, during the quarantine, and was manufactured in China for the Shanghai Design Week 2020. The process of my work consisted of stacking objects received from close friends I miss and fuse them to create new furniture and shapes. I like to play directly on a 1:1 scale. Using these objects and combine them together, remolded in 3D modeling, and recreate new objects who will be manufactured by a CNC machine in Shanghai, was a very nice and emotinal process during this period.

“Assembly” for together, was created during the world wild pandemic in my place in Switzerland. Staying at home in lockdown, in the impossibility to travel, I took all the objects that make me remind my closes friends all around the world. From that's objects was included a Japanese plate, Chinese bike parts, a triangle from a pool table, a shanghai vase, some little toys, some books, and a candle holder. By creating these new objects and furniture, it was like creating a new story and adventure with them. All these virtual objects were possible to become real only in China for the Shanghai Design Week 2020. Realized with a CNC machine 5 axes, this side table was able to be made and show during the exhibition.

Side table made in CNC 5 axes for the exhibition in REdesign Shanghai 2020.

Statut: prototypes

• REdesign Shanghai, edition 3, September 2020