Kansi (deck in Finnish) is a collection of chairs and tables designed to simplify the manufacture at his minimum of pieces. These chairs offer you various possibilities, they are stackable and allow you to have them with or without armrests. I really would like to create timeless chairs and tables with more flexibility to be used for working spaces like home offices or co-working spaces. For more modularity, it can come with wheels. A unique plywood board is manufactured for the entire collection of chairs. I hope, in the future, some colorful variations will be available.

This project starts with the idea to have one colored longboard and by cutting through, you are able to create the seating and the backrest in the color you pick. Kansi is a collection of chairs and tables designed with a lot of flexibility, colors, and options. Tables are divided into 2, 3, or 4 segments with a little gap in-between each of them. These segments are removable and will dictate you the length of the tables. This little space allowed you to pass electric cables for any kind of electric device. These tables are perfect for a home office or a collective working space by giving you the space distancing and the functionality of a desk. These prototypes were not possible to make whiteout the collaboration of Avarte China.

• Gold Idea Design Award, Shanghai 2019