No Function - No Sense?

Basel, 2013

At the same time as “Musterzimmer” Depot Basel shows also the exhibition “No Function – No Sense”. Expatriate swiss designers and artists designed objects without function and reflect thereby their self-understanding and deal among other issues with the (supposed?) boundaries between art and design, with function and context and with the relation between beauty and purpose.

The Shanghai Project

Designers expatriated in China, we deal everyday with cultural differences. What we might call "The Clash of Civilizations".
We here present objects that we bought in Shanghai streets. This collection of everyday use items, made of paper and plastic, could seem useless because they are unusable; neither toys, or ornamental objects.
In chinese culture, they are presents given to the dead one. Consumer goods that are sent by the ritual of fire in order to make "the life" of the person more comfortable. These clothes, glasses, cell phones and credit cards symbolize the popular belief of a materialistic Underworld. Project in collabortion with Julia Modolo

In cooperation with  MUSTERZIMMER EXHIBITION at Depot Basel

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