Kids are the SuperHeroes of our future. For that, I create a costume to develop their creativity. They can even custom their own masks and choose the Superhero they want to be. The complete set includes a mask, bracelets and a cape. I use the multi-proprieties of the Tyvek to create different objects. This material is easy to cut, like paper, so SuperHeroes can custom their own mask by cutting the following graphic I proposed behind the mask. The capes are waterproof, this is perfect to protect them from water guns. Soft as a fabric, they can wear a bracelet to give them superpowers. My inspiration comes from, of course, Superheroes but as well from African masks, makeup masks, Beijing opera masks, and from designers like Bruno Munari. Design objects are made with Tyvek DuPont, elastic band, and snaps.

• Shine Shanghai, edition 11, January 2020