Flying Vases

In some situations, we don’t have the possibility to go out or haven’t access to natural elements and plants. By creating these suspended column gardens, people will have access to a small green area inside their private space, without going out.

Of course, it will not replace a relaxing walk in the forest, but it will be just a substitute. The benefit of this hanging garden is to have a small footprint for small apartments and bring you fresh elements.

Aromatic plants like basilic, mint, parsley, thyme, rosemary as an example, for an additional fresh taste on your dishes or special cocktails, can be planted and within easy reach. Having these suspended green elements will bring you a sense of nature, responsibility, education, and time. You can give the responsibility to your children to maintain this green wall and showing him, with time, what nature can give and offer you back. The more vegetal columns you will have, the bigger diversity of your plants could be. You can also plant a mixture of flowers and wild berries. Some plants have the function to clean your environment in oxygen like Ficus or Peperomia, and many others. Feel free to create your own hanging garden with the plants that give you the most satisfaction and benefit for you and your family in daily life.

The hanging elements are composed of four different types, a compartment pot, an organizer, a flowerpot, and a perch for birds, all of them are made with 3D wood printing, a natural element to take care of our environment. The shape and design of these elements are specifically designed for this technique of printing. The simplicity of the container’s shapes allowed you an easier installation, to place them and remove them one by one, just with one colourful rope as a structure. The rope can also help the plants to go up on the structure. 

Components: the natural beige colour of the UPM Formi container with a colourful climbing rope. The installation is made with a climbing rope, passing through the holes and fix the height with a simple knot. A fixture on the ceiling with an adapted hook.  

Designed by Jean-Philippe Bonzon for Shine Shanghai, edition 12

• Shine Shanghai, edition 12, January 2021