Half Tables  

This is a collection of 6 side tables inspired by the Ming Dynasty furniture technics and shapes.

The perspective of the art and craft in the Chinese furniture is slowly disappearing in favor of overproduction and profit gain. The time spent to make a furniture is very important for the factory.

I focus to redesign tables with the traditional way of assembling the wood together, without a metal part. I propose to push to rediscover the tradition of the cabinet maker through my small furniture with a more actual vision, in a more contemporary way. The full panel of wood is made to celebrate the esthetic of the red wood. Combining these tables to create graphics shape and different levels like to represent Chinese landscape, paddy field on the hills.

To propose graphics shapes and mix-match them together is a way to open the possibilities to adapt this furniture in different places and spaces. This is my way to push to another level these Chinese types of furniture usually very heavy and difficult to move. 

One of the technics of assemblage I used is the groove rail eagle tails to slide them and combine the wood panels together. One unique eagle tail junction is locking everything together. You will only able to see a square, on the table top, when both side tables are put together.   

• REdesign Shanghai, edition 2, 2019

• Great Ideas Awards 2019, Shanghai