T-Flip for Shateso
T-Flip is a new kind of tea ware that helps anybody to make and explore loose leaf tea in a simple and playful way. Inspired by the concept of the tea ceremony, T-Flip makes brewing a performance, literally “flip it” around to make a delicious tea. Most people drink fast-food style tea bags, even while knowing the many drawbacks in health and flavor. One reason is the convenience of tea bags as well as the unfamiliarity with loose leaf tea. T-Flip wants to change that; it is easy to use and makes brewing tea an experience not just a task. All the skills required to make your perfect cup of tea will increase with every use.

Behind T-Flip, Shateso brand, a Hangzhou based start-up founded by a Swiss Art Director, developing a range of contemporary tea ware that are rethinking the concepts and aesthetics of tea wares all over the world.

More information at www.shateso.com